Something Special for Christmas!

Gravelly Precious

‘Gravelly Precious’ rings for a price calculated based on YOUR hourly wage!

Alright, so this Christmas I want to try something different! Over the last few weeks I made 10 rings from recycled plastic bags and gravel and over the next 3 weeks (until 20.12.2017) I want to sell them for a special price: YOUR, the buyer’s, wage!

They’re all between size 17 and 18 (54-56) which tends to be fitting for most people, but resizing them is not a problem and will be free. I can send them by post or we can meet up and I can give them to you personally, in case you find yourself in Helsinki.

It takes me 2 hours to make a ring and I need to add VAT (24% in Finland), so if for example your hourly wage is 20€, then a ring would cost you 49,60€.
Postage is from 1,50€ up to 3,50€ depending on where you live.
If you are interested in having such a unique (and very ecological!) ring and going through this experiment with me, send me a message (facebook, email, whatsapp, however you want) and tell me what your hourly wage is or if you are for example on a pension, unemployed or an entrepreneur, and we will calculate your own personal price.

What do you think?
This is just a small experiment now, but if it turns our well, I might do something similar on other occasions.

Beyond this link are pictures of all the rings, so you can tell me immediately if a particular ring interests you especially!

Update: rings number 4 and 10 are reserved!


Upcoming exhibitions

27.10.2017 – 31.01.2018
Pastel, Cbijou, Rue du coppet 8, 1870 Monthey, Switzerland

2.12.-28.12. 2017
Tilinpäätös (Final Accounts), Galleria Jänis, Jarrumiehenkatu 3, Turku, FI

16.12.2017 – 10.03.2018
Chaos, Alliages, Lille, France and Munich at Munich Jewelry Week 18